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The band will take to the magic places in your heart.
Will show you places you have never been before.
Will relax your mind and give you hope.
Will tell you stories you wish to go for.
All it’s because Faires wish to colour the world
With sparkles diamonds hidden in your soul.
The joruney is open for all
Are you ready to go?


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We are selected in Tokyo, Japan !

We are selected in Tokyo, Japan at Japan Indies Music Awards with Hey Fairies – also directed by Małgorzata Findysz. Here jury based from following countries : USA, Canada, UK,…


Winner at PARIS PLAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for the music video IMAGINATION directed by Małgorzata Findysz.


„Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein This is the quote that appears in our CD, but not only there. These words accompany us…


HONORABLE AWARD at the Europe Music Video Awards in Kosice, Slovakia for the music video HEY directed by Małgorzata Findysz! Thank you to everyone who set out into the world…


WINNER at the Better Earth Film Festival in Kolkata, India for the music video HEY Fairies directed by Małgorzata Findysz. Thank you to everyone who set out into the world…


Winner at the Butterfly International Film Festival in Marseille, France for the music video IMAGINATION directed by Małgorzata Findysz Thank you to everyone who set out into the world of…

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Małgorzata Findysz

Pianist, vocalist, composer and song writer. Classical pianist studied in Academy of Music in Lodz (Poland) and Music Theater and Media Univeristy in Hannover (Germany) as a solo and piano duo player.  She took part in many master classes and played concerts all over the World. Festival & concerts such as: Bebersee Music Festival (Germany), IKIF Music Festival  in masterclass program (NY, USA), Goeteborg (Sweden), independent concerts in Latvia (Daugavpils) and perfomance in masterclass during the March Music Days International Festival in Russe (Bulgaria - masterclass) Piano Duo Festival (Gdańsk, Poland). As a member of Sumlińska & Findysz Piano Duo they performed and recorded music by Chopin, Beethoven , Mozart, Lutosławski, Schubert, Czerny, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff etc.

Michael Latham

Michael Latham based in New York City. He works as a producer and guitarist palyer. Touring musician (guitar and vocal) with artist from all over the World ( Europe, Australia, Asia, United States ). He played many concerts with different bands and the most important were in support bands for Sean Paul & Ariana Grande, Earth Wind and Fire. He performed for Presidential inauguration (Obama). Michael played for Paul Mccartney and Lionel Richie.

Agnieszka Findysz

Actress, singer, song writer. Agnieszka Studied in The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracov vocal and acting specializations and Lee Strasberg Institute (NYC).  She worked in many different theatres like: Theatre Polski in Poznan, Theatre Trzyrzecze in Warsaw, Theatre Rampa in Warsaw, Roma Music Theatre in Warsaw, PWST in Cracow.  She visisted Polish Film Festiwal in LA (USA), Chelsea Film Festiwal in NYC (USA), Akbank Kisa Film Festiwal in Istanbul (Turkey). She took part in many  acting and music workshops with people from all over the World.

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